AFT to face and breast/tummy tuck

Cosmetic surgery is a mind/body experience. I was hoping it was the right decision but it surpassed all my expectations. I have become Dr. Kornstein’s ambassador and recommend him to everyone. I completely trust him because he is just that good.


The catalyst for Asle to seek cosmetic enhancement was a looming 40th birthday. After nursing three children, the shape and density of her breasts were compromised, yet she didn’t want to go the route of implants. “I had actually been toying with the idea of breast enhancement for a couple years. I even consulted with several surgeons, but the connection just wasn’t there and I wasn’t in a rush anyway.” Asle is an interior designer with many clients, some of whom become close friends over the course of planning and renovating their space. “I mentioned my interest to one of my client/friends and she immediately said, “I have the best doctor—you’ve got to see my guy.” That “guy” was Dr. Andrew Kornstein and Asle made an appointment for a consultation.

Asle’s first impression was that Dr. Kornstein was “… very serious and scientific.” She was impressed at the time he gave her compared to the other doctors with whom she consulted. “He didn’t rush me at all. He let me talk while he listened and only after I was done did he take over. He has a very scientific approach. After examining me Dr. Kornstein believed he could provide the aesthetic I wanted with fat grafting alone—no implant.  I had never heard of that but he is a scholar on the subject. His perspective made a lot of sense to me.” Dr. Kornstein’s confidence in the possibilities inspired Asle to schedule surgery in October. “I felt he really had the best intentions at heart. He wasn’t money hungry and I left feeling I would get a lot of care and value for the cost.”

Dr. Kornstein performed fat grafting to Asle’s breasts.  Recovery was better than expected. “There was virtually no discomfort on my breasts. I did have to where garments where the lipo was done and that was a little painful but oral meds took care of that.” The office had prepared Asle with packages of vitamins for a month prior to surgery as well as Bromelain and Arnica as herbal remedies to stem swelling and bruising. “The staff was utterly amazing with follow up and anticipation of my needs. This was a well-run machine.”

Three months later Asle revisited the practice for Dr. Kornstein to perform a mini tummy tuck and repair a hernia. He also recommended AFT to her face—not a full facial rejuvenation, but using the fat from the tummy tuck to fill in around mouth, eyes and cheekbones. “I figured while I was under anesthesia it was the right thing to do. As it turns out my face was not altered, just volume restored and it is a great result. My skin continues to improve because of the stem cells.” The recovery from the mini tummy tuck and facial rejuvenation was approximately 3 weeks total—with one week of rest.  “You have to know yourself and your capacity for downtime, but it is totally worth it.”


During both recoveries Asle’s choice in doctors was reaffirmed.  “One doctor I consulted with operated on my friend. She developed a blood clot and he never even called her. Blood clots can happen to even the best doctor, but to not even follow up with a call? That’s mistreatment—I don’t care how good they are.” During her recovery, Asle felt very taken care of by both Dr. Kornstein and his nurse, Trish. “I could call him directly anytime. No matter when, the man was always available. I would never consider going to anyone else.”

Today, Asle feels very happy she made the choices she did. “Cosmetic surgery is very empowering. This was all for me—not anyone else. I look and feel amazing. It’s something I always wanted to do and I’m glad I got the courage. The enhancement happened inside and out. That’s how it should be. Living well and looking good? That’s the best revenge.”













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