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    New Options for Inner Thigh Lifts: Coolsculpting, Ulthera, and Liposuction

    Recently new technologies have rescued certain aesthetic inner thigh concerns without the need for removal of skin. These options have become very popular in women who thought shapely and taut inner thighs were gone forever.

    A woman’s inner thigh contour should be an object of beauty. Realistically inner thighs can be a vexing source of concern and stress when they don’t look or feel toned or proportional when compared with the rest of the body. They are just as challenging for an aesthetic surgeon. It is important to recognize that an inner thigh is not a flat surface but a 180 degree curve and optimally treated from both anterior and posterior approach. Thighs are most commonly an amalgamation of fat cell enlargement and skin descent from where inner thighs attach to the groin crease.

    Recently, new technologies have helped rescue aesthetic inner thigh emergencies without the need for removal of skin. Ulthera is a focused ultrasound modality that tightens skin while restoring elasticity and reducing fat cell volume.

    CoolSculpting facilitates skin shrinkage and is an option in certain patients whose inner thigh circumference fits the existing applicator dimensions allowing for the number of fat cells to be reduced over the course of a few months.

    Unlike other areas of a woman’s body where fat cells enlarge with age and adequate skin elasticity, lipoplasty can restore a youthful contour. When treated early in life, reduction in fat cell volume restores smooth contour as long as skin elasticity exists without significant skin descent.

    People who have too high a proportion of skin descent realize the best result through surgery. Think of it the same way you would about a tummy tuck addressing extra skin. Inner thigh lifts have undergone a renaissance in my practice. I have modified both the technique and the support system for the inner thigh lift resulting in a smoother inner thigh contour post procedure as well as a more secure and long lasting scar placement in the inner thigh and the groin. I distribute the tension more evenly to the buttock crease and scars are located where the inner thigh meets the crotch. The distortion resulting from wide scars involving female genitalia and annoying post-op pulling seem to be a complication relegated to surgical history.

    The mode of treatment for the optimal result can only be recommended after your consultation. In summary, two key elements determine your treatment plan—establishing what proportion of inner thigh is due to extra fat and what proportion is related to skin descent. If the skin has lost its elastic quality, the best results will be found using Ulthera or CoolSculpting. If excess fat is the primary concern, liposuction is the best choice. If however there is predominant skin descent from the groin attachment, an inner thigh lift is indicated. Cellulite in the upper half of the thigh is minimized and often surgical intervention is combined with liposuction around the knees and Ulthera to tighten the skin above the knee cap. This trilogy does a beautiful job of correcting descent and delivering an overall aesthetic contour.

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