Voluma® joins Juvederm® and Botox® as the newest member of the family of fillers/injectables brought to you by Allergan. Why another filler? How is it different? Like its sisters, Juvederm® and Botox®, Voluma® can be injected in a brief office visit. Like other fillers, the results are instantaneous. Unlike anything else on the market, Voluma® is a gel with the ability to maintain its shape under the pressure of overlying tissue. It is uniquely suited to enhance cheek and mid face contouring and elevation. According to Dr. Andrew Kornstein, his busy injectable practice in New York City’s Upper East Side and Fairfield County Connecticut just got busier. “The cheek and mid face are important areas of facial aesthetics and aging. The mid face, lower eyelid region and the naso labial fold should appear as one. It’s the position of the lateral cheek that provides a youthful contour to a woman’s appearance.”  Many women around the age of 40 notice the deepening of their nasal labial folds, otherwise known as the lines between the outside of the nostril to the corner of the mouth. You can fill these in but it doesn’t affect the descent from the cheek above. This must be lifted back to a youthful position.

How do you know if Voluma® would perk up your appearance? Do you notice a distinct lower lid/cheek junction? A deepening in the naso labial fold? Are your cheeks relatively flat, when they used to be fuller and higher? Is your lower lid sagging and pronounced? According to Dr. Kornstein, many of these issues were once difficult to treat without surgery, but Voluma® offers a non-surgical antidote. “One of the greatest things about Voluma is the “ah ha!” moment when my patients see an instant mid-face rejuvenation. Lost youth rediscovered in a few minutes. Some procedures are universally recognized by patients as having an immediate positive impact. This is one of them.”

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