Most prospective aesthetic surgery patients are encouraged to ask a lot of questions before choosing their plastic surgeon. Some of these might sound familiar: Board Certification? Training? Experience? Specialties? Here is a question few ever ask–and it is one of the most important….…”Who is in the operating room during my surgery?”

If you choose Dr. Andrew Kornstein the answer will be…”Four physicians who have been operating together for 17 years.” No one else in New York City or Connecticut can say that. And it is a point of differentiation you need to understand as it relates to your total experience and ultimate result.

Dr. Kornstein explains:

Surgery is a team sport. No surgeon can do surgery alone, yet few people ever ask who is taking care of them while I am doing their surgery.  My surgical team has been with me for over 17 years. It includes a board certified anesthesiologist, my surgical assistant who is a trained surgeon from Russia, and a circulator who similarly trained as an anesthesiologist in the Philippines. The fact that I am surrounded by 3 other doctors I trust completely allows me to concentrate on the technical and aesthetic issues of your procedure without a break in concentration.  

My anesthesiologist is one of the best in her specialty. Her ability to control blood pressure and the level of anesthesia is remarkable. Patients are kept comfortable and wake up alert, without feeling nauseous–as if the surgery was just about to begin. My surgical assistant, also a surgeon, has been my side for so many years that we anticipate and understand each other’s moves intuitively.  In addition, being on the other side of the table he has a different “lens” than me. He is aesthetically engaged providing value and insight of the surgery from his perspective. Our circulating physician is trained in anesthesia and therefore is able to focus on overall patient reactions and comfort during the surgery.

When the right combinations of people consistently work together there is synergy. In the operating room, this experience is priceless. What is considered one surgery might actually be several surgeries. Consider breast augmentation and lift; tummy tuck and liposuction; facelift and fat grafting; mommy surgery. These varied procedures must flow. Cosmetic surgery incorporates hundreds of nuances and my team has experience doing these over and over. Change of procedure, change of equipment, and change in technology, unforeseen issues in patients’ anatomy or response–all are accomplished seamlessly and safely.

Surgery centers and hospitals go through constant rotation. The surgeon and staff are rarely the same team. Though competent and trained, it’s their first dance together. Procedures take longer. The experience is less fluid.

My team is solid. They know me, they know medicine, and they know how I approach every procedure.

4 doctors, 8 eyes, full participation. Tenure not only in the specialty of aesthetic surgery, but with each other. The operating room is where the magic happens. Be sure you know the team that is in there with you.        

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