A message from Dr. Kornstein.

Think of it this way; you cannot try it on, you can’t return it, you’ll wear it every day. If cosmetic surgery is a success, the more you live with it, the more you should enjoy it. In my practice, I get particular satisfaction seeing patients breathe a sigh of relief post-surgery when they feel they got way more than they bargained for. That’s value.
- Andrew Kornstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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A Recognized Leader and Innovator

Dr Kornstein is helping to uncover the aging process and is a leader in cosmetic innovation.
His efforts have resulted in publications in plastic surgery peer review journals, including:


"Autologous fat grafting to treat upper eyelift aging and upper lid ptosis" (Face)


"Autologous fat grafting to slow facial aging and the use of IVIVI® to enhance the speed of post-surgical facial healing" (Face)


"Gynecomastia treatment" (Breast, Body)
"Ultherapy for removal of silicone injectables" (Unique Procedures)
"Ultherapy to enhance healing in rhinoplasty" (Unique Procedures)
"Restylane® eyebrow lifts" (Skin & Injectables)


"Long term morphological changes to the nasofrontal and nasolabial angles after fat grafting" (Nose)


Strattice® to prevent breast implant complications (Breast)


Clinical investigator for the use of Seri® for body contouring (Body)


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Perfectionism is in the details...
but aesthetics and innovations are innate.

"He is a gifted surgeon and a true aesthetic artist." - Victoria W.


Facial rejuvenation encompasses a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments. The right combination of skin tightening, lifting, and volume is key to an age appropriate, natural result.


Seeking a natural aesthetic that “fits” your face like you were born with it? Yearning for unrestricted breathing and fewer sinus infections? A member of the elite Rhinoplasty Society, Dr. Kornstein specializes in surgical and non-surgical primary and revisional nose reshaping.


An innovator and published expert on breast enhancement, Dr. Kornstein offers fat grafting to the breast; the new Allergan cohesive gel 410 implants; Strattice for primary or revisional breast surgery and skin and nipple sparing mastectomies—all done in house in his AAAASF certified OR.


Tightening, tucking and toning may be the perfect prescription to counteract the effects of pregnancy, weight loss, age or genetics–permanently.

Unique Procedures

It may be they are new, or they may require advanced skill or training that few surgeons offer. In either case, Dr. Kornstein is committed to providing not only the most popular procedures but those that could make all the difference for you. Non-surgical brow lift, in house breast reconstruction, hairline lowering are just a few.


Aside from being a recognized expert in injectables: Radiesse/Boletero/Juvederm/Restylane, Dr. Kornstein has authored two papers on Ultherapy in a peer reviewed journal and has worked with the manufacturer of Exilis to optimize patient results.

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